Recreation and its importance through the ages of human history

Believe it or not, the human beings have always been involved in leisure. Work and activity have played the key roles in the evolution. But one thing that has not changed in this case is recreation. The history of human recreation and recreational activities run far back. We read about the ancient Romans who arranged shows of chariot races, human combat with animals, wrestling and such other events for the entertainment of people. The amphitheaters of the Greeks staged dramas, comedy and they are also known to have invented the global sports event, the Olympics. In the religious and epic books like the Bible, the Ramayana, the Quran, the Iliad and the Odyssey, we have references of art, dance, and music. The most ancient civilizations engaged in all types of recreational sports and activities like hunting, horse racing, etc.

In the dark ages                       

In the Middle Ages, though, life was difficult and dark for the men. As more time was put after work, there was hardly any time for recreation. However, there were tournaments organized by the people of that age which included hunting, jousting, early chess, and other board games which are said to have been evolved from this era.

At the inception of modern age

During the 20th century of Industrial Revolution, the men demanded for shorter labor hours. They required for paid leaves, holidays, week offs, so that, they could be efficient with their workload. They realized the fact that leisure and recreation are also needed to balance the life in all aspects.

In tribal cultures…

In tribal cultures, there is a huge difference in the working aspect than that of the urban and rural cultures. Here men and women only work to get food to fill their empty stomach; and once they are done, the rest of day is all about spending in recreational activities like dancing, singing and in some cases worshiping of their belief.

The importance

Engagement of physical activity is important since it reduces the risk of any diseases of the heart, blood pressure, and other ailments. Recreational activities can also improve an individual’s mental health since it can reduce stress. Activities like kayaking, camping, bird watching, hiking, cycling, etc. Preserve the liveliness and youth in you. Each and every individual out there deserve a small break now and then to cope with the stress they have t deal with in their everyday life.

Since our lives are seldom smooth, many of us may find it difficult to spend an amount after a vacation. Not all of us are paid with a great amount of money as salary. So what to do? Choose activities like taking a walk, going for hiking, trekking or camping which will fit in the household budget of you every month. If you don’t like to do things alone, why not ask your family members, friends or even colleagues to accompany you? This will also help you to build or mend the relationships which you could not afford time for from your stressful life.recreation_resource_management

Recreation: The Impact on Overall Health by Participating in Recreational Activities

Did you know: getting outside and participating in your favorite activities, or staying indoors and working on your favorite craft, are great not only physical and mentally, but also boost your general overall well being? Yes, by simply making time to do things that you love, you are making yourself more productive and ready to tackle any challenges and problems you may have to face in your “working life” by scheduling time to do things that are completely unrelated. Instead of focusing your time and energy around your professional life, you should really be focused on being able to maximize your time for recreational activities instead. Here’s why recreational activities are so important to your overall health:

healthandfitnessIncreases Happiness
It’s no wonder our whole body feels great while we are participating in recreational activities; by doing so, our brains are releasing tons of serotonin and endorphins.

These feel-good chemicals released in the brain are caused by the social interaction, physical movement, and shift in positive thinking that is often a result of recreational activities.

Get a Workout in Without it Feeling Like a “Workout”
Who says you have to actually workout by going to the gym, going to a yoga or pilates class (though, these are great options as far as recreational activities!), or any other conventional method?


Think outside of the box and get creative with your exercise. You can build a nice body by wakeboarding, going fishing, walking around outside through your favorite trail, etc. There are no limits, and you can sneak a workout in without it feeling like you are doing something you don’t like doing.overallhealth

Build Family Trust and Strengthen Social Bonds
SInce recreational activities tend to be very social and family oriented in nature, you are bound to feel better and more secure in both your family relationships and friendships. Whether you’re spending a day at a waterpark, the beach, or simply going out to play a game of golf with some buddies; these activities all involve being surrounded by people who you love talking to and being around. ANd furthermore, nothing is more strengthening for a relationship than experiencing things together.

Reduces Stress and Cortisol Levels
With work, school, and family stresses, this can take a toll on our body and have some pretty nasty mental and physical symptoms in our body. By taking a breather and doing things you love, you are replenishing yourself while alleviating the excess stress and cortisol that is released by the adrenal glands. So, relax, take a deep breath, and simply live in the moment and have fun while you’re participating in a recreational activity that you love!

Remember to focus your time and energy in doing things you love and want to do, rather than things that you must do and dread doing (I know – easier said than done).

Ultimately, your career and life goal should be on creating as much joy and pleasure as possible by participating in recreational activities that are crucial to your well-being and happiness. It’s fine to have a nine to five job, but make sure you are clocking those hours in order to do things you enjoy doing, rather than simply to accumulate wealth. So get out there and do what you love!






Benefits of Recreation

 downloadA recreation is needed by people of all ages. Humans are a social creature. Group diversion projects used as recreational activities accommodate social value, guaranteeing that all nationals have entry and chance to profit by parks and entertainment administrations by evacuating hindrances. As youngsters and adolescents, a considerable lot of us had the experience of partaking in recreational games associations including baseball, softball, and b-ball at the park. Not just were they a decent place to bond with our companions and make new ones, they likewise made them move and cultivated an aggressive and agreeable soul. However, as grown-ups, many people don’t have a tendency to consider sports at a park as an achievable side interest. Between work hours and family exercises, there simply doesn’t appear to be sufficient time in the day.

The Main Benefits of Recreation

download-1In any case, recreational games have different advantages for grown-ups, pretty much as they accomplish for children and high school students. Truth be told, grown-ups are likely a great deal more needing the physical and mental helps that playing rec group games can give. There are many prizes that accompany playing recreational games as a grown-up. You’ll be joining at your neighborhood group focus and putting resources into an athletic execution enhancer in a matter of seconds. Grown-ups are advised by everybody from the media to specialists to relatives that being dynamic is essential, and they’re right. Ensuring you get in, at any rate, thirty minutes of activity consistently can help you feel more empowered, lower your pulse, and fortify your bones and muscles. Our good friends Cheryl and Ken at, stay regular and active helping them deal with stress issues in life. That, as well as getting in some physical activity can go far towards stress administration, which is basic these days. So what better place to profit than in a recreational games association? Go to the nearest park and you can improve your wellbeing now.



The Importance of Park Recreation

download-3There are many benefits to going for a recreation at a park, not only for you but also for the environment around you. It is assessed that U.S. urban trees alone evacuate seventy-five thousand tons of air poisons every year. Protection should be finished by people to anticipate harm brought about by people. Protection implies a considerable measure to the nearby and worldwide group on the grounds that without it, biological systems would go into disrepair because of foolhardy advancement while creatures could get to be jeopardized or wiped out.Community amusement social projects and administrations are imperative as they enhance the human state of our citizenry who experience obstructions that point of confinement their chances. On top of that, recreation at a park can decrease criminal rate. Scientists agree that wrongdoings by and against minors take off from three to six pm after school lets out.

Understanding the Importance of Park Recreation

imagesAs indicated by a recent report, for each dollar spent in after school programming, it saved money all things considered six dollars in wrongdoing, court, and confinement costs. This is the reason extraordinary summer camps, open exercise centers, and after school programs in parks are a powerful and fundamental human administration. Doesn’t it bode well to be proactive as opposed to receptive, particularly when study after study confirm the significance of after school consideration? Group entertainment programs give a social outlet and an approach to interface individuals. Consider that depression has turned into a plague. Social separation is as an intense reason for early demise as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day. According to Men’s Fitness this estimate is even higher in 2016  Forlornness, research proposes is twice as destructive as heftiness. Dementia, hypertension, liquor abuse and mischances, all these well being issues turn out to be more predominant when associations are cut. We can’t adapt alone. Providing projects and open spaces like a park for recreation and human collaboration are essential.

Recreation at the Park

 There are many ways to have a quick recreation time to yourself. You do not have to wait until your next longimages-5 vacation. You can use the weekend to go to the park and have some fun. A proper park foundation is a key part in a parks and amusement division’s capacity to enhance the physical wellness of a group. Parks give key green space.Individuals go to parks to enhance their mindset and reinvigorate themselves. One longitudinal study demonstrated that people who move to greener zones have huge and dependable changes in psychological wellness. Another study demonstrated that greener situations upgrade recuperation from surgery, empower and bolster more elevated amounts of physical movement, enhance insusceptible framework working, and help diabetics accomplish more advantageous blood glucose levels. Un involved relaxation exercises in parks enhance temperament, lessen mental stress and improve a feeling of well being.

Having a Recreation at the Park

images-3The capacity of green spaces to fundamentally enhance the physical and psychological wellness of it residents is a foundation by which groups enhance the personal satisfaction. True monetary advantages are produced through open parks. Open parks build property estimation of private properties promptly nearby stops by as much as twenty percent of the properties’ peripheral quality, particularly if the recreation center is a characteristic zone. The financial effect that expands competitions, rivalries and unique occasions facilitated out in the open parks convey to the nearby economy can counterbalance park upkeep working spending plans which are typically considered as completely sponsored focuses. Having destination attractions in parks, for example, shows, historical centers, stream sports put-ins, and best in class play spaces likewise pull in traveler dollars to the region. Park’s ration characteristic ranges and vital wetlands and save basic untamed life environments. All in all, going to the park is not a boring thing to do. It is very beneficial. For more info check out my about page.